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Get ready for fast-paced family fun!

Uno is sure to get any party started. The game of matching colours and numbers with twists and surprises in between. But Uno flip introduces a double-sided deck that gives this classic gameplay an exciting twist:  a “light” side and a “dark” side. You begin the game playing with the Light Side, but whenever someone plays a FLIP card, the deck is flipped over and everyone must change over to the Dark Side of the cards including the cards in your hand. With stiffer penalties, the Dark side must be played until someone else plays another FLIP to the light side. This game is easy to learn and can be enjoyed by the whole family. When your cards are done, don’t forget to shout “UNO!”

Product Features:

  • Double-sided deck and special FLIP cardÂ
  • Includes 112 cards and new action cards
  • 2-10 players
  • Ages 7 and up

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