Under Construction Assembly Truck Set



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Let’s get constructing!

This Under Construction Assembly Truck Set is the perfect toy for a vehicle as well as a construction enthusiastic child! This truck set allows your child to disassemble and assemble different components back together again. This set includes 2 car chassis. Toddlers can use the screwdriver to transform these vehicles into 6 different construction trucks. It is natural that all kids have a desire to build as well as create. This set develops an understanding of construction vehicles as well as learning skills.Â

Product Features:

  • Includes 2 car chassis, dumper, concrete mixer, asphalt paver, excavator, drill, bulldozer and screwdriver
  • There are 2 vehicles, the one is aboutÂ
  • Multi-functional trucks
  • Assists hand-and-eye coordination skills as well as fine motor skills
  • Encourages problem-solving, imagination and also interactive play
  • Made of high-quality odourless ABS plastic material
  • Round edges designÂ
  • Approx. car dimensions: 1st car: 15cm wide x 8.5 cm long 2nd car: 13cm wide x 10cm long (This measurement excludes the construction attachments)
  • Age 3 years +


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