Set of Silicone Feeding Spoons



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Helps gain the habit of self-eating!

The Wee Baby Silicone Feeding Spoons are an ideal product to use when you transition your baby from liquids to solids. With a soft tip, these spoons will assist your baby to eat comfortably without hurting your baby’s delicate palate. Its long handle and flexible tip also provide easy access to the food for mom. As well as help babies improve their ability to hold and grip.

Product Features:

  • Suitable for babies with 6+ months of age
  • The tip of the silicone spoon will not damage the baby’s mouth
  • Helps babies to gain their own habit of eating
  • Spoon tip made of silicone material

Instructions for use:

  • Do not turn the silicone tip firmly to the right during the wash. Doing so may cause breakage. Do not use if signs of damage and thinning appear
  • Boil in water for five (5) minutes before first use. (Do this by putting the product in boiling water). This is necessary to ensure cleanliness
  • Before each use, clean in warm, soapy water and rinse thoroughly
  • Do not expose the feeding spoon to disinfectant (sterilizing solution), direct sunlight or direct heat longer than recommended, as this may cause wear
  • Wash the product in a dry, sealed container
  • Not suitable for dishwasher cleaning
  • Suitable for a bottle sterilizer


  • Use under adult supervision
  • Colourful foods may cause the tip of to spoon to change colour



colour  green/red