Refrigerator Latch (F121)



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Providing safety, health and comfort in your home will keep your mind at ease

Refrigerator Latch helps prevent children from opening fridges or freezers. As parents, we know our children are curious creatures. With the latch, it will prevent children from opening and possibly climbing inside potentially dangerous fridges and freezers.

The refrigerator latch is an essential tool in-home safety and will not only help prevent household accidents but also stops food going to waste when the door is left open.

This product is a must for your childproofing checklist!

Product Features:

  • No screws, no fuss – simply place on the appliance above child’s reach.
  • Attach a small piece to the door and long section to the side.
  • Open fridge or freezer by gently lifting the long bar out to the side.
  • Keep children safe in the kitchen, the most dangerous room in the home.

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