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Mom’s Magic always works!

Mom’s Magic Trauma Sprinkles is a natural rescue remedy for children to help soothe and comfort them after a traumatic experience. An effective natural remedy, these sprinkles are for any type of childhood shock or trauma. When a child experiences an emotional fright, physical trauma or is even just uncontrollably upset, these pleasant tasting granules will immediately soothe as well as calm your child. In addition, if there has been a fall or bump, the inclusion of Arnica will promote healing after physical injury. With a simple sprinkle on the tongue, these sprinkles will quickly calm your child as well as restore a sense of well-being. Without any sedation or negative effects.Â

Product Features:

  • Soothes and comforts your child after any type of shock or trauma
  • Calms volatile emotions and reduces crying
  • Reduces fears and anxiety
  • Promotes emotional recovery
  • Reduces bruising and swelling after an injury
  • Formulated for children by a Clinical Psychologist

How do I use Mom’s Magic Trauma Sprinkles?

When needed, simply sprinkle a pinch of into your child’s mouth where they will easily dissolve. These sprinkles are pleasant tasting and most children and babies will enjoy them!

May be repeated in 10 – 15 minutes if necessary, although one dose is usually sufficient.


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