Crochet Pacifier Clips – Natural Zigzag



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Gives your baby’s dummy that chic boho flair!

Crocheted in beautiful patterns, this Crochet Pacifier Clip is perfect to keep your baby’s pacifier in close reach, clean and germ-free. So, no need to worry anymore about pacifiers dropping on the floor and getting dirty or going missing. Not only does its crochet design gives a unique texture developing a sense of touch but also develops fine motor skills allowing babies to learn how to grab their pacifier themselves when in need. The metal brace clip fits tightly and securely on their clothes.

Product Features:

  • Made of cotton yarnÂ
  • Prevents the pacifier from falling down, getting lost or dirty
  • Keeps dummy in reach, clean and germ-free
  • Non-toxic and safe
  • Approx. product dimensions between 18-20 cm (depending on design)

Designs Available:

  • Natural ZigzagÂ
  • Natural Cross-over
  • Natural

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design  natural zigzag