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Keep the air clean and moist with this creative humidifier!

This Bulb Humidifier works as a humidifier as well as a nightlight in ONE. It can be placed vertically as well as at an angle. It has a built-in 7 colour LED light. Let the colours change independently or select your favourite colour.

Product Features:

  • 400ml water capacity
  • Remove unfavourable odours and also smells
  • Increase humidity of the air
  • Keeps skin supple, shiny as well as moist
  • Small design, portable as well as easy to use
  • Ultrasonic technology turning the water or fragrance solution into a mist
  • The spray time 6 hours, water tank volume can be sprayed for 10 hours
  • 7 colour LED light
  • Approx. size: 15.3 (L) x 8.8 (W @ bottom) x 3.5 (W @ top) cm

Packaging Includes:

  • Bulb humidifier -Â made from PET materials that are environmentally friendly and non-toxic
  • Decorative Stones -Â a function of absorbing tiny impuritiesÂ
  • Artificial plant – environmentally friendly and non-toxic
  • Cotton swabs x2
  • USB cable – compatible with computer power supply, mobile power supply or DC power supply
  • Instruction manual

Please Note:

  • This is not an oil diffusion, it can not use essential oils.
  • Extend the life of the product, we do not recommend using mineral supplement oil, vinegar, perfume etc.
  • Switch off when not in use


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