Berry Little Magic Bath Bubbles – Strawberry Kisses


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Magic Bath Bubbles – Strawberry Kisses with Red & Purple Crystals

Bubbles with a difference… As you pour the bath bubbles into the bath, the colourful magic crystals will fall into the water.

Kids will have endless fun trying to catch the crystals and collect the different colours. You can collect the crystals and put them back into the bottle so that you get more and more crystals in each bath.

Colours Available:

  • Candy Land with Orange & Pink Crystals
  • Blueberry Milkshake with Blue & Yellow Crystals
  • Strawberry Kisses with Red & purple Crystals
  • Crazy Apple with Red & Green Crystals
  • Bubblegum with Blue & Pink Crystals


* Available in Fragranced or Fragrance Free

* 500ml

* Colours and fragrance may vary between batches


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