Baby Kangaroo Carrier Wrap – Navy



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Instantly creates a bond between parent and child!

Wearing a Baby Kangaroo Carrier Wrap has many benefits. It allows you to carry your baby in the same position as they did in the womb. Studies have shown that wraps can promote your babies health, reduce crying, enhance connection and assist with feeding. It also keeps mom’s arms and hands free to perform essential daily activities. Made from 100% cotton with adjustable nylon rings to ensure that both mom or dad and baby are comfortable.

Product Features:

  • Design to increase intimacy and security for the baby on both a physiological and emotional level
  • Fully adjustable 2 nylon rings to fit different body sizes and positionsÂ
  • Includes external mesh for ventilation and internal gauze to help absorb sweat
  • One size fits allÂ
  • 100% Cotton
  • Transforms into a storage bag when not in use

Colours Available:

  • Navy
  • Lilac
  • Green


Colour  navy